Monday, July 24, 2006

Casa abandonada


Anonymous said...

Pabs, adorei essa casa!!
Pega ela pra gente!!!! risos
com amor,

J Ballot said...


Wow, those shots are very cool. Looks like the setting of some low-budget slasher flick.

Where is that? Ever try to sneak in?!?

Keep up the awesome work!

(Feel free to translate this comment into Portuguese since I can't.)


Pabs said...

Hey J, that's what so weird about the house, it's right next to a Wellstar building, Next to a daycare center behind the place where I used to work. The other side is covered and overtaken by overgrown weeds, bushes, kudzu. I was impossible to sneak in, and yeah, I tried.

Pabs said...

sorry, it's in Dallas, GA